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June 12,2015 Matthew N. Sjogren 5 comments



If the above seemingly problem is what makes it difficult for you to watch satellite television, you do not need to lose any sleep! You can now watch those favorite programs of yours on satellite, even through the internet without satellite dish installed.
Notwithstanding the above, there are some basic requirements that will make this possible for you. They are highlighted below;
A GOOD PCTV CARD: - A PCTV card can be installed onto your personal computer as this will enhance the computer working like a satellite television set. The cards are designed in form of either external or internal hardware. If you’re computer literate as to its working, then an internal card will be the most appropriate for you and this is cheaper and affordable. You may not have to get worried, if you are unable to have it fixed, in that case, you have the option of the external card.

PC REQUIREMENTS: - It is very important for you to check your personal computer configuration before you decide the kind of card to buy. Most of the cards require that a minimum of a Pentium3 333MHz system for it to be able to run well. These are the things you need to note down with respect to your personal computer; the RAM, hard disk space, the operating system before you buy the card.

READILY AVAILABLE INTERNET CONNECTION: - There must be a readily available internet connection facility for you to be able to enjoy your viewing of satellite online. PCTV cards work perfectly well with both dial-up and broadband connections! The caveat I will recommend here is that dial-up transmission goes at the rate of snail speed! It will do you well to opt for a faster connection, and that is saying broadband is the alternative.