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June 12,2015 Matthew N. Sjogren 5 comments

Do you know that just anybody can watch videos and various films to their entertainment delight online without the use of a satellite dish? Certainly, it is possible and that is what this article will be looking at. It is certainly a revolution way to watch satellite television through the internet with you having to set up a satellite dish.

Now think of it, many of the old generation were raised in the era of a satellite dish, and so they are so familiar with that of the viewing system. This so for those that lived in the rural areas and could move along with the trend in technological advancement the global village is witnessing.
However, we want to talk about a new generation of middle age and youth. These ones are now in the era of internet explosion.

As you are aware that the dishes are transmitters and coupled with the receivers are conduits for television signals for the TV to be displayed as visual images and pictures on your television screen. Setting up satellite dish can be a herculean task, most especially for those that are not technically good, and that does not even have the skill to set up. In recent years, satellite dish has become smaller, which is a great departure from what they are hitherto known.

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June 12,2015 Matthew N. Sjogren 5 comments



Satellite dish history can trace far back to the 1970s when there were no providers of satellite television compare to what obtains in these days. During the period of its infancy, in 1976 HBO was the first to transmit its program through cable companies via satellite television transmission.

This revolution was of course before high definition transmission and as a result of one professor from the University of Sanford ingenuity and curiosity. The professor built his own receiver dish and was able to view the transmission of HBO was sending, thus the C-band dish was born.

It will interest to know that the same professor made an attempt at paying HBO, and HBO rejected the payment offer. Thereafter, the professor went ahead to publish a book on how to book on the C-band dish. The reason for this is because other companies, other than HBO started transmitting their programs to cable companies by sending the signals without encryption. Oh yes,

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